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Renotonia is characterized for its superior kidney (bladder) and inferior pancreas (stomach). This constitution is also recognized for a relatively strong lung (large intestine) and considerably weak heart (small intestine).

Renotonias are composed, patient, and cooperative. They also have a tendency to be perfectionists. They are good listeners, who can patiently hear the thoughts and concerns of others, and they rarely express anger. Renotonias have social skills, which allow them to perform profoundly in service-related fields. They have detail-oriented and suspicious personalities, which cause them to keep things to themselves and not trust others well.

Renotonias often have complaints about chronic constipation but it will never develop into a severe illness. When healthy, Renotonias will not sweat; however, they will frequently perspire when unhealthy. Therefore, they can easily catch illnesses during the hot summers and feel healthier during fall and winter seasons. Consuming cold foods or drinks often causes digestive problems.

*The descriptions above illustrate general tendencies of each constitution and are not absolute.

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