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Colonotonia is characterized by a superior large intestine (lung) and inferior gall bladder (liver). This constitution is also recognized for a considerably strong bladder (kidney) and relatively weak small intestine (heart).

Colonotonias tend to be cheerful, adventurous, emotional and sensitive. Their careful discretion and consistent nature permits them to have many different talents and expertise. Their acute hearing gives them great potential in pursuing music. They also tend to have good friendships with various types of people. Colonotonias tend to be negative, passive, stubborn and suspicious when they are unhealthy as a result of consuming inappropriate diets.

Consumption of meat and medication will not only cause chronic fatigue, indigestion, kidney failure, lupus, but will cause various types of intractable muscle disease like multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, etc. Excessive perspiration may also cause Colonotonias to be easily fatigued.

*The descriptions above illustrate general tendencies of each constitution and are not absolute.

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