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Pulmotonia is recognized for its superior lung (large intestine) and inferior liver (gall bladder). This constitution also has a relatively strong pancreas (stomach) and considerably weak kidney (bladder).

Pulmotonias’ natural creativity and careful discretion makes them perfectionists and unlikely to make mistakes.  Because they are principled, they are known to be fairly consistent and professional. Their acute sense of hearing gives them great potential in pursuing music. Having a tendency to be overly sensitive and unrealistic idealists, they rarely maintain a large circle of friends but keep meaningful relationships with a few.

Meat oriented diets and unnecessary medication will harm the weak liver even further and cause Pulmotonias to develop not only all kinds of illnesses but also negative and passive attitudes. Pulmotonias usually do not enjoy sports because they often feel weak after perspiring.

*The descriptions above illustrate general tendencies of each constitution and are not absolute.

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